She Slices. She Dices. She’s Handy in the Kitchen.

I enjoy baking and cooking, and I (and my roommates) consider myself pretty skilled in the kitchen. I’m sure that probably makes me a mutant, but hey, not a bad mutant power to have (although I wouldn’t argue about with acquiring Gambit’s super-awesome mutant powers…but I digress).

When we have friends over for dinner it always makes me chuckle when they ask my roommates, “You eat like this every day?!” They just smile, nod, and grab a second helping.

Today I went a little crazier than usual in the kitchen. What can I say? I felt inspired. I made home-made soy milk, cracked wheat and raisin bread, and a traditional Korean dinner. Needless to say, my roommates were happy.

I snapped a pic of the bread after it came out of the oven. Check out my handy work!

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