I Heart Picnics

This time of year is great for picnics. The sun is not so intense yet. The temperature ranges from the low to mid 70’s. The humidity is tolerable, and there is actually a nice breeze!

When I can, I try and take some time to enjoy this respite from the Texas heat. One of the best ways to do that is to go on a picnic.

When I go on a picnic, I go all out. I have an actual picnic basket that I load up with home made goodies and snacks from World Market. The reason I say World Market in particular is because they offer drinks, snacks and foods from around the world, so if you have a taste for the international like me, then there are a lot of tasty, picnic friendly selections you can make. Some of my favorites include Lorina Sparkling Lemonade, Spanish chorizo, and kalamata olives. They have tons to choose from though (including chocolates, dips, honey and sauces, rice, crackers, chips, etc.) and sell a lot of mini size items that are just the right size for a picnic basket.

Some of my favorite items to make at home and bring on a picnic are insalata caprese, gazpacho, Spanish rice or paella and grilled shrimp. Mmmmm…

If you want to go on a picnic, you don’t need to get fancy. Just pack up a few of your favorite snacks or swing by a sandwich shop and head to a park. It’s a great way to take a chick out on a day-date without spending a lot of cash, too! For more great “cheap thrills” check out a previous post I wrote with the same title.

Happy picnicking!

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